La Mutuelle d’attraction is a non-profit organization created by and for the employers of the Beauharnois-Salaberry and Haut-Saint-Laurent MRCs.

On June 16th 2006, during the La Relance forum, as the region’s businessmen and women met to discuss strategic economic goals, they felt the need to UNITE to fight the labor shortage they were confronted with.

Starting on January 2007, the SADC du Suroît-Sud and Emploi-Québec reunited and guided the companies to help them create the organization. On March 9th, 2007, la Mutuelle d’attraction, Valleyfield-Huntingdon region was officially launched with the equal support of different businesses: Meloche Group, Trial Design, Industries Valtech, JR Mécanique, Brospec, SGM Automation, Groupe DPJL…

On September 18th, 2007 the very first general assembly was held, during which coordinator Marie-Claude Dufresne – who will later become the CEO of the organization – was officially presented. The main goal of the organization was also announced, which is to promote and optimize the region’s employers to improve the labor’s attraction and retention rate, through measures and projects aiming to solve the recurring problem of hiring competent personnel.

La Mutuelle d’attraction was born.

Since 2007, la Mutuelle d’attraction has been able to use the power of unification to organize many activities:

  • Marketing campaigns to promote the member companies
  • Open house days
  • Internships for high school students
  • Human resources consultation tables
  • Training workshops on different subjects
  • Training forums…

In August 2012, la Mutuelle d’attraction Valleyfield-Huntingdon Region simplified its name to la Mutuelle d’attraction.

Today, la Mutuelle d’attraction has more than thirty members in its roster and efforts are continuously deployed to find new businesses.

In conclusion, attraction, retention and labor development are the main challenges that la Mutuelle d’attraction plans on taking on.